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19 Extremely Gay Movies You Can Stream Right Now. By Fran Tirado This is one of the best queer films to come out this year, hands down.

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In India, dating apps are helping the LGBTQ community find love

Top Searches: Apps are changing the rules of gay dating in the city. For them, dating meant a quiet evening at Minto Park or wandering around the crowded railway stations in search of anonymity. On days their wallets were full, they would sneak into Pub7, the disco atop Globe cinema.

The meetings had to be discreet, for this was the time when homosexuality was a crime both in letter and in spirit.

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While the world of straight people in Kolkata discovered online dating on Yahoo Messenger and Orkut, gay men preferred to keep their affairs under wraps. But that was the early s.

Apps are changing the rules of gay dating in the city | Kolkata News - Times of India

The world of gay dating has undergone a complete change, with a host of gay dating apps opening up the community to exciting, new possibilities. But has this freedom also brought with it a sense of love? What the apps have helped with is anonymity. Consequently, alternative forums are cropping up for queer individuals to meet each other.